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Community Leadership Fellows Class of 2025 Video Application

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  1. Longtime resident of one of the following Westside neighborhoods:
    • Austin
    • East Garfield Park
    • West Garfield Park
    • Little Village
    • North Lawndale
    • West Humboldt Park
  1. Works for or volunteers at a community organization, government agency or advocacy group serving the Westside of Chicago.
  2. Active in the community with a strong reputation for civic engagement.
  3. Able to commit to attending monthly sessions during the program period.

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Please select the community area you will represent as a fellow.

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Video Submission

Respond to each question below in a 1-3 minute video per question.

1. What is one major issue facing your community that you, personally, are concerned about? What action steps have you personally taken to get involved with making a change? What ideas do you have on potential action steps which can be taken to improve the situation?

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2. Describe one life experience that had a significant effect on your personal development?

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3. List, in order of importance to you, the community or civic activities in which you participate or have participated in. For each activity, state the nature of your participation, including leadership positions held or special recognition received

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4. In 5 years where do you see yourself? What role will you be playing on the Westside?

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Should you be invited for a second-round interview it will take place using a group interview format called a Street Cred Check. A Street Cred Check consists of you and 4-6 members of your inner circle. You will all be interviewed together by CLF staff, Alumni, and Advisory Council members. The participants of your inner circle should include colleagues, community members, mentors, mentees, and others who can speak to your reputation of civic engagement in the community.