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Kids Fringe Campy Camp -Fractured Fairytales

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Kids Fringe Campy-Camp

Fractured Fairytales

August 1-5, 2022

Rising grades 2 & 3

Camp day 9am-4pm, Aftercare 4-5:30pm

$250 a week, $300 with aftercare

Enrollment limited to 10 campers

*Please note: Camp fees must be paid with enrollment to ensure your spot!

Fractured Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales Fringe style! Everyone knows the saying, “And they all lived happily ever after.” But what happens AFTER happily ever after? Campers will work together to create their own fairy tales with a twist! 

Your child will love this super-fun multidisciplinary summer camp experience inspired by fairy tales! Days will be filled with storytelling, dance parties, nature walks, theatrical movement, and most of all… play!

Sessions are in-person, following strict socially-distancing protocol. Until further notice, masks will be required. Enrollment is limited to ten campers.



Camper Information

Fractured Fairytales
This camp is for rising 2nd & 3rd graders

Caregiver Information


Emergency Contact Information (different from above)

Payment of fees and participating in the Summer Camp program shall constitute acceptance of the following conditions:


  • Caregiver of the student, a minor, authorizes the Fringe director and/or instructors to act as Agents for the caregiver.
  • Caregiver releases and discharges Fringe of any and all claims for personal injuries.
  • Caregiver understands that Fringe is insured for its own liability and does not provide Medical or Accident insurance for program participants.
  • Caregiver agrees that photos/and or video taken during program hours may be used for future promotional purposes.
  • There will be no tuition adjustments for missed classes. 
  • Caregiver agrees to pay $1/min for each minute past 4:05pm (or 5:35pm, if they have after-care).
I hereby give my child permission to attend Summer Camp at Orlando Fringe.

I, (Caregiver) am the Caregiver or legal Guardian of__________________________________(minor child). I understand that camp activities may involve physical contact between participants, that serious accidents occasionally occur during such activities, and that participants in such activities occasionally sustain serious personal injuries (including death) and/or property damage as a consequence thereof. Knowing the risks of participation, I hereby agree that my minor child and I assume those risks and release and hold harmless Orlando Fringe and its agents, sponsors and employees who might otherwise be liable to me, my minor child (or our heirs or assigns) for damages. In the event of an accident or illness involving my minor child or myself, I hereby authorize Orlando Fringe to arrange for transportation of my minor child or myself, whether by ambulance or otherwise, to a proper facility where emergency medical treatment would normally be administered, including but not limited to, an emergency room of a hospital, a doctor’s office, or medical clinic: and sign releases as may be required in order to obtain any medical or surgical treatment as is immediately required in the judgment of medical authorities at the facility. I agree neither my minor child nor I will make a claim against, sue, attach the property of or prosecute Orlando Fringe, their agents, sponsors or employees for damages, death, personal injury or property damages which my minor child may sustain as a result of my child’s participation in these activities. I attest that I am eighteen years old or older and that my child is physically fit and has no known medical conditions which prohibit participation in these activities. My child and I agree to follow all laws, rules and guidelines regulating the conduct of Orlando Fringe instructors and participants.

I have carefully read this agreement and fully understand its contents. I am aware that this is a release of liability from myself and my child and a contract between myself, my child, and Orlando Fringe and its agents, sponsors and employees, and I have signed it of my own free will.


Rules & Regulations

Conduct While Attending Camp


At Kids Fringe Campy-Camp, we work to maintain an atmosphere of caring, respect, understanding, comradery, and enjoyment. However, the safety of all camp participants, teachers, and staff come first.


Proper participation and conduct by your child is expected and includes the following rules:


1. Respect others' feelings, property, and personal items.

2. Work with each other as a team.

3. Listen to your teachers and counselors.

4. No fighting, yelling, cursing, or bullying will be tolerated.

5. Tell a teacher or counselor if someone or something is bothering or upsetting you.

6. Clean up after yourself.

7. Please leave phones and iPads at home.

8. Most importantly, have fun!


Our staff supervises all Summer Camp activities and helps our campers to resolve conflicts and problems as they come up. Behavioral redirection is seen as an opportunity for learning and approached accordingly. However, if a child continually disrupts the program, or poses a safety risk to themselves or others, then a written behavioral notice will be sent home to the parent/guardian explaining the issue to be addressed. In the event that two written behavioral notices are sent home during the course of the camp, the Orlando Fringe reserves the right to dismiss the child from the camp without refund or reimbursement.



Since our campers will be participating in a variety of activities during the course of summer camp, children must wear both comfortable and moveable clothing to camp. T-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, sneakers with socks would all qualify as appropriate summer camp attire. Inappropriate clothing may result in the child sitting out from certain activities.



Campers are responsible for bringing their own lunch and two snacks.


Pick-up/Drop-Off & Dismissal:

A caregiver will be expected to sign their child in for each session. Children may not arrive unattended. Each day at the conclusion of the session, children will be dismissed to their parent/guardian. Your child will only be dismissed to the people you have listed on the Summer Camp application. A parent/guardian will be expected to sign out their child each day unless otherwise noted. If you need to pick your child up prior to normal dismissal time, please notify the camp staff during that day’s drop-off time and we will ensure your child is ready for you at your designated pick-up time.





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