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MUSIC Application: 2024 Waterloo Arts Fest

Waterloo Arts is seeking group and solo acts to perform original music to fill an eclectic schedule for the Waterloo Arts Fest on Saturday, September 14, 2024. A committee will review all applications and select musicians to fill a limited schedule of approximately 30 acts. Applying does not guarantee a space at the festival.


Musicians will have 30-40 minute performance time slots. A sound system and sound technician provided by Waterloo Arts will be on site for each stage. This sound technician will be responsible for everything from simple sound checks to volume control. Waterloo Arts does not provide a drum set but we are happy to connect you to the other musicians on your stage so you are able to make arrangements on your own. 


Waterloo Arts is a non-profit organization and the Waterloo Arts Fest is free and welcoming to all. The event is funded through grants, sponsorship, and donations and we offer the same compensation to all participating musicians. Solo artists will be paid $50.00 and bands will be paid $50.00 per member (with a maximum payment of $250). If selected, a check will be written to the primary contact you list below, following your performance.  


The Waterloo Arts Fest is family-friendly. We don't like to sensor artists but this event is free and open to the pubic and we encourage families to attend. For that reason, we ask that the language and performance be appropriate for an all-ages audience. 


  • Mar 15  - Application opens
  • May 6 - Application closes and committee review begins
  • May 31 - Performers notified of committee selection
  • Jun 15 - Signed contract due
  • Jul 1  - Tentative music schedule will be sent to performers
  • Jul 14   - Final music schedule will be shared with performers
  • Aug 14 - Load in and out instructions sent to performers
  • Sep 14    - Waterloo Arts Fest is held from 12-7 pm


The Music Committee listens to over 100 submissions so it is important that reviewing your music is as easy as possible for them. Having to search online to find your music is not easy. Digital files and web links are all acceptable for consideration. Please provide enough music samples to give the jurors confidence that you will be able to play a full set. The samples should be representative of what you plan to play for the festival. We encourage all genres of music to apply. 


Please direct questions about this application to the festival team via email at:

Contact Information


Band Info

As you would like it to appear in the program. There will be an opportunity to make changes, if necessary.

Please be brief! You will be able to describe your music below. We are looking for a very general category.

Since the Waterloo Arts Fest is free and open to the public with many outdoor stages and families attending, we ask that you refrain from profanity or obscene behavior during your performance. If your music samples include profane language, please explain how you will address this in the space above.

Please note: Musicians are responsible for their own amps and drum set.

If you have a time-sensitive question, please also email

Music Samples

Share links to online music samples via Band Website/Youtube/Bandcamp, etc or upload music files. We want to listen to your music. Please make it easy! Links to a playlist allow us to listen to a variety of music. Links to videos give us confidence you can perform on stage. We also want to support emerging artists who may not have a large portfolio but providing as much as possible is helpful. Thank you!

Feel free to provide multiple links

I acknowledge that Waterloo Arts is not liable for the loss or damage of any application materials including samples.