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Watch for Wildlife License Plate Voucher
  • Your purchase of this voucher is a transaction between you and the organization. For a proposed special registration plate to qualify for production, the organization must sell at least 3,000 vouchers and submit them to DMV with payment. This proposed special registration plate is not available for purchase from Driver and Motor Vehicle Services (DMV) at this time. If your voucher is lost, stolen or damaged, you must contact the organization for a replacement.
  • Your purchase of this voucher is at your own risk and does not guarantee you will receive a special registration plate.
  • If for any reason the proposed special registration plate does not qualify for production, it is the responsibility of the organization - not DMV - to refund your money.
  • If the proposed special registration plate qualifies for production, the organization will notify you when you may redeem your voucher with DMV. See DMV's website at regarding how to obtain special registration plates.

The Foundation will only share the information below with Oregon's DMV as required for processing the license vouchers.


Example: ODL 1234567
Contact Information

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ZIP/Postal Code
I understand the sale of this voucher is a fundraising activity of Oregon Wildlife Foundation. Individuals and the organization selling this voucher are not employees, officers or agents of the State of Oregon and DMV takes no responsibility if the organization sells an insufficient number of plates to begin production of the proposed special registration plate. DMV does not and will not control the means or manner of the sale and distribution of vouchers. DMV is not responsible for the funds collected from the sale of this voucher until such funds are submitted to DMV. The State of Oregon is not liable for any consequential loss or damage, claim, warranty, or loss of business arising under this Notice and Disclaimer or in connection with the sale of this voucher. (ORS 805.222 to 805.225 and OAR 735-040-0040 & 735-040-0110 to 735-040-0130.)
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