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Vermont Mentoring Symposium 2019

Please use this form to register for the 2019 Vermont Mentoring Symposium that will be held on Thursday, May 23, 2019 (9:00am-4:00/5:00pm) at the State Complex (103 S. Main St.) Waterbury. For more information go to:

(If the registration fee is a prohibitive amount please contact to find a solution that will enable you to attend.)

This year's schedule of events will include (subject to minor changes):

9:00-9:30 → Registration and Ice Breaker

9:30-9:45 → Welcome/Logistics and Introduction

9:45-10:15 → Keynote Speaker Paul Suk-Hyun Yoon

10:25-11:55 → Session Block 1

12:00-1:00 → Lunch and Networking

1:10-2:40 → Session Block 2

2:50-4:00 → Peer-facilitated Conversations

Optional Session for Programs Working with Teens:

4:00-5:00 → Post-Secondary Access Toolkit working session



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Workshop Topics

*Please note that all three workshops will be offered during both workshop time slots.

A Dialogue about Race and Equity for Mentoring Coordinators

To truly honor the young people in our mentoring programs, we must have clear understanding of how race and equity play a role in our own lives and in the lives of the young people in our program and their mentors. This workshop will examine race and equity, including inviting us to look at our own bias and race, while focusing on the following:

  • Raising diversity awareness (internally and externally)
  • Exploring a working definition for empathy and how this translates into the role of a mentor
  • What it means to mentor as a co-conspirator

Facilitated by Michael Hill, Jr., Student Assistant Program Counselor for Burlington High School and adjunct faculty member at the Community College of Vermont.

LGBTQ+ Best Practices Training

The LGBTQ+ Best Practices Training will cover a brief overview of identity development and community strengths, provide exercises to distinguish and understand the components of the LGBTQ+ acronym, review common frameworks for understanding gender and sexuality, briefly discuss the minority stress model and its implications on physical and mental wellbeing, review language and the significance of pronouns, and highlight best practices. Attendees will be provided with a variety of handouts including: Common Identities and Definitions, the Gender Unicorn, The Impact of Pronouns, and Tips for Best Practices.

Facilitated by Skylar Wolfe, Director of SafeSpace Anti-Violence Program, and Taylor Small, Director of Health & Wellness Program, from the Pride Center of Vermont.

Youth Mental Health

This workshop will discuss not only how to empower youth but how to empower ourselves first. Sean will walk mentor coordinators through understanding the anxious mind, triggers, emotional regulation, and how to support through love, compassion and empathy. Most importantly how to use validation in order to build rapport quickly.

We are in the midst of a public health crisis with supports that are outdated. In order to support the children of today we have to stop the notion that they do well if they want to and instead remember children do well if they can. It is our responsibility to model behaviors. We cannot help or support anyone if we cannot help or support ourselves first. If we want children to be empowered we need to take away the shame and guilt they are feeling. In order to empower them we need to teach them self-esteem and respect. Through the mental health lens this means constantly building them up and inviting them to enjoy in their successes. 

Facilitated by Sean Perry, Co-Founder and President of We R H.O.P.E., Inc.


Choose to attend one of the three workshops described above.
Choose to attend one of the three workshops described above.
This optional session is designed for programs working with youth 12 and up. We are seeking input from mentoring program leaders who support teens on a guidebook MENTOR Vermont is helping to develop for mentors on how mentors can better support mentees with thinking about and exploring their options for after high school. (Facilitated by Kathi Terami, Executive Director of Careers CLiC, and Chad Butt, Executive Director of MENTOR Vermont.)