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Historic Puget Sound

Join us for an intriguing lecture on the Duwamish presence around Dunn Gardens and its relevance today. Renowned teacher, historian, and writer, David M. Buerge, will delve into the fascinating ways in which the native people utilized the Gardens and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Did you know that the Gardens are situated on land that was once subjected to controlled burns every two to five years? These burns extended all the way to Echo Lake, and the ravine on the south side of the Gardens served as a pathway for the Duwamish people to access Puget Sound. These are just a few of the significant historical facts that will be covered in this enlightening lecture.

This lecture serves as a prelude to our upcoming Duwamish Interpretive Trail project, set to open this March. The trail will showcase native plants cultivated by the Duwamish for food, fuel, dye, and medicinal purposes. By highlighting these plants, we aim to honor the rich cultural heritage of the original inhabitants of the land on which Dunn Gardens now stands.

The lecture by David M. Buerge and the creation of the Duwamish Interpretive Trail are integral components of our broader initiative to delve into the pre-Olmsted (1915) history of Dunn Gardens. We believe that understanding and appreciating the land's indigenous roots is essential to preserving and celebrating its heritage.

David M. Buerge, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this event. As an alumnus of the University of Washington and the Peace Corps, Buerge has dedicated his career to researching and writing about the prehistory of the Pacific Northwest. In the 1970s, while teaching, he began delving into the history of the Duwamish tribe and became deeply immersed in their rich cultural heritage. Buerge's extensive body of work includes fourteen books on history and biography, making him a respected authority on the subject.

Sponsored by the Valerie Sivinski Fund, a grant from Washington Trust for Historic Preservation.

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