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Support Mobility Justice in Beacon Hill!

Dear city leaders and staff,

Beacon Hill and South Seattle youth are calling for policy and infrastructure changes to ensure safe, fair, and just community mobility. As our elected leaders and policy makers in city government and transportation, please bring our community vision for mobility justice to reality:

  1. Make transit free for the whole community
  2. Add more buses, bus routes, and bus shelters
  3. End fare enforcement
  4. Fund traffic calming, curb cuts, smooth sidewalks, visible crossings, and better street lighting in South Seattle
  5. Increase affordable, dense housing
  6. Increase access to supportive, rather than police-based, services for those with mental health and substance use conditions
  7. Include perspectives of youth, BIPOC communities, low-income people, and people with disabilities in policy decision-making, and pay them for their time.
  8. Generate new progressive revenue to fund changes 

Please invest in the future and well-being of our South Seattle community. Learn more in a new study published in Family & Community Health.


Example: “My kids deserve safe ways to get around our neighborhood."