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Evergreen Membership

Why should you become an Evergreen member?

  • Small, monthly donations can be easier on your budget in the short term, but add up to great support for the Arboretum!
  • You receive the same benefits as a Family membership - including one annual Lane County Parks parking pass.
  • Eliminates the need to renew your membership every year. For as long as you donate, the Arboretum will automatically send you a new parking pass and membership card every January.
  • It's easy to sign up!

How the Evergreen membership works:

You sign up below for automatic monthly donations of $10 or more to be made electronically through our secure payment processor, and we will send you your membership card and Lane County Parks parking pass every January - easy! If you prefer, you may also mail a cancelled check and the printable Evergreen membership form below and we will set up an ACH withdrawal for you. Mount Pisgah Arboretum will send you a statement summarizing all of your monthly donations for tax purposes every January with your new membership materials. The authority you give to charge your account will remain in effect until you notify us in writing to terminate the authorization.

Interested in making monthly donations without signing up for a membership?

If you would like to support the Arboretum through monthly giving but are not interested in joining as an Evergreen member, you can use this form to sign up for that as well!

Evergreen Membership Sign Up

Please let us know if you are signing up for an Evergreen membership or if you would just like to make monthly donations (without an Evergreen membership).

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