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Volunteer at Woman Made Gallery


Personal Information

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Feel free to use a list form to include as many as you'd like or feel comfortable sharing. Examples: Woman, Queer, trans femme, non-binary, gender fluid, CIS, Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Gen X, Millennial, Gen Z, able-bodied, living with a disability, or beyond. This is optional information, though helps WMG ensure best efforts towards equity, diversity, and inclusion goals. Individual responses will only be reviewed by WMG staff. Information may be published as general themes. (example: "WMG has a volunteer base of 100 women-identified and non-binary volunteers." "Of 45 volunteers, XX% self-identified as Millenials." etc.)

Volunteer Experience Preferences

Optional, but a resume will help WMG quickly match you with the volunteer opportunity that matches your skills and experiences.