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VFN Culinary Membership Form - 2018
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Membership Criteria

Businesses must meet the following criteria to qualify for partner membership. There are 4 areas for qualification:

1. Partnerships Members must regularly source food from farms in Vermont (+30 miles) and from VFN Members.

2. Purchases 15%* of more of annual food purchases must be Vermont (+30) grown or raised food. 

3. Diversity of Vermont Food Members' regular menus must contain local products in 3 of the 6 USDA food groups

4. Participation Members are engaged in local food system work, and attend (or host) at least one relevant event each year. 

Answers to the following questions are for office use only and not published. If you don't currently meet Partner Member criteria, a Supporting Member option is also available - in the case of restaurants not yet open, a Supporting Membership is recommended, and the cost will be discounted from dues if you join within the year. 

Gold Barn membership signifies the top local food purchases in VFN and is automatically calculated from these answers. Details on the current Gold Barn criteria are available online

*10% is the threshold for health care institutions and schools.

Or of time in operation if open less than a year

We define this as Vermont plus 30 miles. Every year we will interview randomly selected members about their systems for measuring local food purchasing so that we can develop a sense of best practices & resources for efficient tracking.
Your regular menu must contain Vermont (+30) products in 3 of 6 USDA food groups. Check all that apply.

Provide a link to your menu here - if the use of local foods won't be obvious on your normal menu, please see next question.

If use of local food across categories won't be clear from materials available online, please enter here examples of regular dishes that demonstrate diverse use of local ingredients.

We send twice-monthly updates with events, webinars, workshops, etc. relevant to VFN members. Please add e-mails of any staff (beyond the administrative contact and chef) who should receive this update.

Check all partners that you regularly purchase from. We send all partners an e-mail to verify purchasing (and similarly you will see e-mails from farms that claim your business as one they sell to).

Please add additional local farms you source from or distributors from whom you source local food.
Membership Dues

If you paid $50 Business Supporting Member dues this year, please select here. You will receive your membership rebate with your member packet.
Optional Areas of Interest Survey

The Vermont Fresh Network is successful every year through the engagement of our Partner Members. You can learn about things we’re doing through the Fresh Insider (members are automatically subscribed) and our website You can also be notified about opportunities to participate in specific upcoming projects by selecting areas of interest on this survey. (Survey will open in a new window)