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2019 ShabUM Host Sign Up

ShabUM (SHä •Ÿ bo͞om) is a unique opportunity to take part in a campus-wide Shabbat celebration!

On Friday night, November 8th, YOU can create a warm intimate Shabbat experience on YOUR own terms with YOUR friends in YOUR own space - whether it is an apartment, lounge, Greek house, etc.

There will be no Shabbat dinner at Hillel on Friday, November 8th; instead, students will be hosting their fellow Wolverines for spirit-filled, intimate Shabbat dinners all across campus (and beyond)! 

There is no "right" way to host a ShabUM dinner. It's YOUR meal in YOUR home! 
As a ShabUM Host you can:
  • Cook a meal in your own home 
  • Order take-out from a restaurant/caterer 
  • Apply for catering from Hillel (this is only for dinners of 15+) 
Following ShabUM, hosts who submit the reimbursement form with receipts will be reimbursed $10/person per guest.
Please sign up to be a host by Monday, October 28th.
For more information or with any questions, please contact Allison (ShabUM Committe Chair) at, Haley (Hillel staff) at or Tara Levy (Hillel Staff) at 



First Name
Last Name




Address Line 1
Address Line 2
ZIP/Postal Code

Example: "Gap Year Shabbat Dinner", "PC '21 Shabbat", "Birthright Bus 234 Reunion Shabbat", "Barrie's Berry Shabbat", or "Friendsgiving Shabbat".


Please let us know if you want your meal to be public (you're willing to host people looking for a shabUM experience) or private (your dinner is only for guests who have been personally invited by you)

If you are willing to have your meal be listed as a public option, you should still invite your friends, just leave a few seats open at your table!

Catered meals through Hillel are for meals with 20 people or more only. **Note: You will be reimbursed $10/guest

We are offering two host orientation sessions to help you prepare for your meal, meet other hosts, and better understand the reimbursement process. Whether you are an expert host or have never hosted before, please choose one of these attendance options.