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In-Kind Donations

Use this form to record in-kind donations in our donor tracking system and request that a thank you/receipt be sent. 

Skip if the person brought books in person and got a receipt. 

Proper Spelling, Capitalization, Punctuation, etc
Please pay attention to spelling, proper capitalization, etc. This info goes directly onto thank you notes and emails! 

Incomplete Contact Info? 
If there is not enough info to contact the donor (no email, incomplete address, no name, etc.) be sure to note that in the "Communication with donor" section. 

Multiple Boxes? 
As much as possible, please group multiple boxes into one entry. Otherwise the system will generate a seperate letter for each box. If you find another box after you've entered the first, please call it "a change to a prior entry" in the last field. 

Contact Information

First Name
Last Name

Address Line 1
Address Line 2
ZIP/Postal Code

Letter as it will be written:  

"Thank your for your recent donation of DESCRIPTION OF DONATION, which we received on DATE RECEIVED. "


This will be inserted into the thank-you letter, so please use proper spelling and punctuation.



Anything that doesn't fit in one of the above boxes.