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Warriors & Horses Application Form

General Information



If you have pronoun preferences, please leave us a note at the end of this application.

Service Information

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Your Symptoms

While Alatheia Riding Center is not a mental health facility, having some insight into our clients’ state of mind can help our staff design meaningful programming. Please elaborate on any answers in the section below. Your responses are strictly confidential.

Substance Use

Many applicants have used or are using/abusing alcohol, prescription medications or drugs. Disclosing substance use WILL NOT disqualify you. Understanding your pattern of use will help our staff meet you where you are now in your journey and factor that into your experience at Alatheia. Your responses are strictly confidential.


It is helpful to understand what prescription medications you are currently taking for mental health or physical issues. Please list below.

Please list your prescribed medications.

Daily Function and Goals

Please describe your abilities and/or challenges in the following areas:

Mobility, stamina, adaptive equipment used, areas of pain, etc.

Family/friend relationships, work/school, support systems, concerns/fears, etc.

Physical, social or equine-related: what do you hope to get out of your experience with Alatheia?

Horse Experience and Interests

This information aids in horse selection

Photo Release, Firearm Policy & Signature