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Participant Waiver and Release of Liability

In consideration for being allowed to participate in the Riverfront Family Fitness and Fun Event (the “Event”), the person signing below, for themselves and for any child participant for whom they are signing:

(1 )  Acknowledges and fully understands that each participant is responsible for being aware of their physical condition and will refrain from doing any physical activities beyond personal capabilities;

(2)  Assumes responsibility for their safety and the safety of those around them including, but not limited to, all risks, whether or not known or reasonably foreseeable at this time, which may be associated with participation in the Event or any other related event or activity;

(3)  Releases, and indemnifies Riverfront Parks Conservancy, Inc. and the City of Jacksonville, and each of their respective officers, employees, agents, and partner organizations from and against any and all liability to the undersigned for any and all claims, losses or damages including court costs and reasonable attorney fees on account of personal injury, including death, or property damage, in connection with the Event or other related activities or events, regardless of sponsorship and regardless of whose action, inaction or negligence; which release and indemnification applies also to the undersigned's heirs, assigns and next of kin;

(4)  Understands and acknowledges that any participation is completely voluntary and that the undersigned is under no obligation to participate, that the undersigned has read and will comply with all safety tips given in connection with the Event whether written or oral, and that the undersigned has read the above and understands that the undersigned is giving up substantial rights by signing and signs voluntarily.

(5)  The undersigned also grants permission for photos and videos of them to be taken while participating and the images to be used by Riverfront Parks Conservancy, Inc., the City of Jacksonville and other Event partners.


This waiver covers adult participants and any minor family members listed on this form.


Additional Family Members

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