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Volunteer Activity Log


Thanks to your generous gifts of time and talent, IT4Causes was able to serve 29 agencies across the Richmond area in 2017.

While skills and time are invaluable direct contributions to our agencies, did you know that your volunteer hours also support our agencies in other ways, too? Logging your volunteer hours allow IT4Causes to:
• Build business plans that show how we offer low cost solutions using skilled volunteers
• Provide the details we need when writing grants that also support our work
• Document the project recaps required by our sponsoring companies
• Provide accurate reporting to the IRS to support our 503c status

So…. please log those volunteer hours. Your time matters, and so does the data about your time!


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If you've volunteered for an agency that's not on the list, please let our Volunteer Coordinator know.


If activity covers more than one day in a month, please use last date you volunteered in that month. Please use a separate entry for each month.



Got questions?  Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator and we'll get you answers!