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Fernwood Goes Digital!

The Fernwood Community is using their talents to help Ugandan students and teachers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Students, parents, and staff are taking their annual Benefit Concert digital to support their friends during this critical time.  Thank you for supporting our children's compassion through your donation!

With the rising cost of food, teachers are struggling to feed their families.  Villages are especially impacted, as government support is slow to reach outside the city centers.  But the greatest concern of educators is for their students – not only are they too struggling with food insecurity, but without access to the scholastic materials Sister Schools provides, struggling students risk falling further behind.  Most families, especially those in the villages, have no access to television or the internet, leaving newspapers as their only available reading materials.  Even at $.54 a paper, these already struggling communities cannot afford them on a regular basis, let alone through a crisis.

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