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Memorial & Tribute Gifts

Your Contact Information

Please let us know the name that you would like us to share with the family of the person being remembered, or with the person you are honoring with your gift. We will not share the specific amount of your gift, just your name. For example, you might write "The Smith Family" or "Joe Miller" as the name you'd like to share.


Honoree Information

Tell us about the person or event you are choosing to honor. If this is a memorial gift, please tell us the name of the person whose life you are honoring, as well as the name of the person to whom we should send the memorial letter.

For gifts in honor or celebration, please tell us the name of the person being celebrated. For memorial gifts, please share the name of person being remembered (e.g. In Memory of Jane Smith) as well as the person who should receive the card (e.g. Jane Smith's daughter). If you know their address, please enter it below.

If you would like us to include a special message with the notice of your donation, please include it here.

Thank you

Notice of your gift, including any special message, will be sent to the honoree. Your donation amount will be kept confidential. You will receive a written receipt for your donation.