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2024-2025 Student Application

Please read our Essential Eligibility Criteria (PDF) before submitting your application. 

This form does not allow you to save and return, and must be completed in one sitting. We encourage you to prepare your responses to Part 4 in a separate document and then paste into the spaces provided below.  

NOTE: You will need to submit a transcript or copy of a recent report card as a part of this application. 

Part 1: Applicant Information

If your preferred semester is full, what is your second choice?

format: mm/dd/yy


Part 2: Parent/Guardian Information

Parent/Guardian 1


Parent/Guardian 2

Please list names and their relationship to you.

The Traveling School requires authorizations from each legal guardian and may request the parenting plan of divorced or separated parents.

Part 3: School Information


You can request an up-to-date transcript from your current school, or upload a copy of your most recent report card.

Part 4: Student Questionnaire

This questionnaire is intended to help us learn more about your personality, interests and beliefs, and understand your reason for choosing The Traveling School.

Short Answer

Complete the following statements with a word or phrase.


Respond thoughtfully to the following questions. Responses should be about 6-12 sentences.

Tell us why you want to spend a semester at The Traveling School.

Traveling School faculty are not trained to work with students with severe physical, emotional or psychological disabilities and/or severe academic needs. The following questions are designed to open the conversation as to whether The Traveling School can support your individual needs.

Due to the logistically complex and low-tech nature of our semesters, we cannot support weekly or recurring sessions between students and home counselors/therapists. Please share the frequency with which you see your counselor and how you anticipate coping on a semester long program without regular appointments.
Please also include informal accommodations that you regularly receive to support your learning.

Part 5: Demographic Information (Optional)

Part 6: Additional Information

If yes, you must complete the FACTS application and Personal Savings Plan by February 15th to be considered for a scholarship. Admissions decisions are need-blind, meaning that financial need does not impact whether an applicant is or is not admitted. Our Scholarship Committee reviews financial information immediately following admissions decisions so that applicants receive both an offer of admissions and their scholarship awards by March 15, provided financial documentation is submitted fully by February 15.

List the other opportunities or schools for which you are applying.
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Student Agreement

Essential Eligibility Criteria

If you haven't already, click here for to read the criteria.