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2024 New Jersey Historic Preservation Awards Nominations

Thank you for nominating a person, project, or organization for the 2024 NJ Historic Preservation Awards.

Please use this form to fill out information about the nomination - person, project, or organization. If you have any questions regarding the nominations, please email with the subject line: Nominations.

Nominations are due on Friday, September 6, 2024.

Nominator Information

Please provide your contact information as the nominator so that we may reach out if there are any issues/questions on your Nomination Form. We will also contact you upon selecting Award Winners in advance of the November 23, 2024 Awards Event.


Award Recipient/Nominee Information

Please use this section to identify the nomination. You may nominate a Project, an Organization, or an Individual, depending on the category your submission falls under. This information will be used to connect with awardees in advance of the Awards Event. If you are nominating yourself, or your own project or organization, this contact information may be the same as above.
Please select the most appropriate award category. Visit for full details on each category.

Please list the Organization receiving the award. (For Project Nominations, please list the entire project team here.)

Please list the project being recognized as part of this nomination.

***Note that only individuals are eligible for the Sarah P. Fiske Legacy Award and Young Preservationist Award.***

Please provide Name/Organization Name. This will be verified however, with awardees before the Awards Event.


Information on Nominee

Please use this section to describe why you are nominating this person, organization, or project. You will also be able to upload supporting information in this section.

Provide a short description of the nominee. Note that this description will be used in a press release if the nominee is selected. (250 word max.)

Keeping the award criteria in mind, describe in greater detail why the individual, organization, or project is worthy of a NJ Historic Preservation Award. (1500 word max. PDF document preferred.)

Please share at least one, but no more than 4, high-resolution photos (JPEG format) associated with this nomination. If more than one photo, please email to with the Subject Line: Awards Photos, Person/Org/Project Name

Optional. Can include samples documents, samples of work, articles, letters of recommendation, etc. PDF document preferred. If more than one document, email to, Subject Line: Awards Supporting Document, Person/Org/Project Name