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Annual Immersion Membership

Annual Membership ($360 payable annually or quarterly) allows unlimited immersions (with an appointment) at Mikveh Bess Israel.

If you would like to gift an annual membership anonymously to community member who cannot easily afford regular immersions, please consider donating $360 and the mikveh leadership will ensure it is allocated appropriately. (If choosing this option, Please put "Anonymous" as the Name on the form below, and "61 N Main" as the address.

Annual Immersion Memberships begin on July 1st and end on June 30th. You can pay all at once, quarterly or select yearly for an automatically renewing membership.

After completing this form, please email to ensure your membership details are entered into Mikvah Cloud. Once your membership is confirmed, you will not need to make payments for individual immersions through Mikvah Cloud. 

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