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Weekly Programs

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You are too young to participate in an OUT Maine program.
You are too old to participate in an OUT Maine program.

If you are an LGBTQ+ adult in Maine seeking resources, support, or just want to meet LGBTQ+ peers, consider reaching out to one of the following organizations:

EqualityMaine: for all LGBTQ+ people in Maine. EqualityMaine also has a network for young adults in their 20s and 30s called The Queer Network.

MaineTrans.Net: support for transgender people in Maine.

OUT Maine also welcomes adult volunteers! Learn more on our volunteer page.

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Formerly known as "Emerging Leaders"
Recorded during Queer Futures. Media release required to be in podcast.
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Note that we may use any of the info below to contact you, so please only provide emails and phone numbers that are ok to use. 

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If you use discord and would like to be added to OUT Maine's channel, please provide your discord ID.

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If you sign up for the LGBTea Time Podcast, we will send a media release via docu-sign to both you and your parent/guardian's email. Both you and your parent/guardian must sign. 

If you have difficulty using docusign, email and she can send a paper media release to your home to sign and mail back.


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Group Norms Agreement
  • I agree to be respectful of others in the group
  • I agree to use people’s preferred pronouns/names
  • I agree to be kind & forgiving if someone messes up names/pronouns (Give them a second chance)
  • I will try hard to be aware and considerate of others’ feelings and needs
  • I will maintain appropriate boundaries & conversations
  • I will use appropriate language (as agreed upon by the group)
  • If I feel uncomfortable, I will let a staff member know
    • If I message a staff member, the staff member will give the group a reminder to keep it appropriate
    • If the behavior/language continues, the staff member will pull the individual who is being harmful/hurtful into a breakout room
  • Breakout Rooms:
    • If I need to connect one on one in a safe space, a staff member will do that with me in a breakout room
    • I understand that I will be asked to leave the group if I’m being inappropriate