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This must be an adult 18 years old or older and is responsible for each person they register in their party. (Max 6 people per registration). If you have more than 6 please email for assistance in registering. Any minors attending should always have adult supervision.


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We need a select few people to help with registration and field parking once the event has started.
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Refund Policy, Medical & Activity Waivers and COVID Policy

AHSP Registation is being processed by Experience Learning and is a non-refundable event.

I understand that Experience Learning programs may involve camping and other outdoor activities. I understand the inherent risks involved in these activities and that unanticipated dangers may arise. I voluntarily assume all risk of loss, damage, illness or injury, including death, which may occur while I am participating in any activity or event associated with Experience Learning or during such times I am under the supervision of any employee or agent of Experience Learning. I agree to hold harmless and release Experience Learning and its volunteers, employees, and agents in any location where activities are conducted. If a medical emergency does occur and I am unable to respond or cannot readily be consulted, Experience Learning may select any licensed physician to secure and administer medical treatment, including hospitalization and surgery if and as needed. I understand any medical expense so incurred will be my financial responsibility. 

AHSP Medical Release Waiver for Activities


I accept the Policy and Waiver information provided above for myself and registrants listed above.