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The MiCivics Coalition has formed to fuel Michigan where every person has the opportunities, knowledge, and skills to participate meaningfully in the civic life of their community

Recognizing that preparing our youth to assume the responsibilities and understand their rights as active participants in the civic life of this great nation is essential to the health of our democratic republic, the MiCivics Coalition pledges to help every K-12 school in Michigan to fulfill their historic and vital civic mission.

We pledge to ensure that every young person acquires the civic knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary for informed, authentic, and engaged civic participation.

Coalition members achieve this goal through engagement in one or more of three working groups – education, policy, and outreach.

Organizational or individual participation in the coalition at large should not be construed as participation in all of these functions. Rather, organizational or individual membership denotes support for these overall goals and are willing to lend their affiliation to visibly demonstrate their support for the mission and vision of the MiCivics Coalition.

The Coalition is growing and welcomes new member organizations. Please complete this form to pledge your commitment to the MiCivics Coalition goals.  

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We call upon all who participate to hold themselves to high standards that reflect a commitment to respect perspectives that may be different from their own. Only by respecting individuals with diverse perspectives and ideas can we build an environment that is conducive to advancing civic knowledge. The Coalition welcomes and encourages participation from all perspectives.

Thank you.