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Multiracial Caucus (Before We Were White 2021)

This is a space for Before We Were White participants who identify as multiracial, mixed race, or biracial (in this context we are referring to individuals who have both white and non-white ancestry). In a safe and supportive group setting, we will take time to process, share and reflect with one another about course material and the unique experience of unpacking our whiteness and European ancestry as mixed race people. 

The group will be led by Alison Espinosa-Setchko. Alison is of Mexican-American and European descent and has worked as a facilitator and restorative justice practitioner in a variety of settings. 

This caucus will be held at the following two times and participants are welcome to come to one or both of them. 

  • Wednesday, Feb 17th / 8-9:30pm ET (5-6:30 PT)
  • Wednesday, Mar 10th / 8-9:30pm ET (5-6:30 PT)

"Recording Only" participants are welcome to join these caucus calls live as well.

Please share information about your experience or interest as desired below. This multiracial caucus is for participants in White Awake's Before We Were White, 2021 online course only.

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