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2024 Summer Programs Application

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Short Answer

Provide a brief answer (no more than 200 words) to one of the following short answer questions.

  1. Many argue that the United States must not allow China to attain hegemony in East Asia. If this is America's goal, where must we set the limit of China's expansion? (For example, if China conquers Taiwan, will Chinese regional hegemony then be inevitable, or is the essential line of defense further back?)
  2. What impact does the Israel-Hamas war have on U.S. national interests, and why?
  3. There has been discussion of a trilateral U.S.-Saudi Arabia-Israel deal containing the following elements. Is this a good deal for the United States?
    • The United States enters into a military alliance with Saudi Arabia and provides Saudi Arabia a uranium enrichment program.
    • Saudi Arabia establishes diplomatic relations with Israel and agrees to certain limits on its relationship with China, such as agreeing not to sell oil denominated in Chinese currency. 
    • Israel agrees to make concrete steps towards Palestinian statehood.
  4. One expert has proposed a "dormant" approach to the U.S. role in NATO, in which "Europe is the primary security provider of the European front and flanks [and the United States] is an 'offshore balancer,' focused loosely on global maritime and trade security and the Asia-Pacific theater." Would this be a good idea for America to pursue?
Indicate which of the following short answer questions you will answer.