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Purchase your annual membership here. You will be reminded to renew before it expires. This family membership covers those in your household and dependents for just $129. $20/per additional household member after 5. 

We are open 10-5 P.M. Wednesday-Saturday. Sunday 12-5 P.M.


How to Purchase:

  1. Enter contact info as requested.
  2. For 'Family members names to appear on membership' - the number of names must match the number you’ve indicated on your “Amount”  below. Please include persons in your household only or persons in your immediate care such as a nanny or a live-in grandparent.
  3. When you get to the section labeled ‘Amount’ choose which membership level you’d like. If you have more than 5 persons in your household, use the $20 additional line and indicate the number of additional persons you’d like to include on your membership. You may also choose to add 3% to your membership to cover our payment processing fees.
  4. Click on ‘enter payment information’ and proceed to the next screen.
  5. Enter payment information. This is a non-refundable purchase.

Contact Information

Enter up to five names for standard membership; add $10 for each additional name you enter. Membership is intended for household members only and cannot be transferred.



Your MEMBERSHIP will start on the day you bought the summer pass on 2023 not the day you convert it.


If you are using a gift card please make sure you enter the gift card number above then click the "enter payment information" button but do not enter payment information. Instead, go ahead and close the tab and it will send us the information without needing payment. We will then validate the gift card and add you to our system. If the giftcard comes back invalid we will notify you via email. for any questions. 


To check your gift card balance use this link: