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Hakhel Grant

Chabad is excite to offer micro-grants for student-led "Hakhel Events".

To qualify event must:

  1. Be open to all Jewish students at Queens (all-girls or all-guys events will be approved if all members of that gender are invited);
  2. Contain an idea from Torah that is either shared or presented (d'var Torah);
  3. Be an interactive activity that encourages unity and the development of relationships;
  4. Be within the confines of Jewish Law, as determined by Rabbi Wertheimer;
  5. Event flyer must include the words "Hakhel Year" or "Hakhel Event";
  6. Application must be received at least one week before date of event;
  7. Microgrant payment will be made by Venmo.

*Grants are available up to 1/3 of the total event budget. While we strive to approve as many events as possible, the final decision will be at the discretion of Chabad.


To receive the grant you will need to email

  1. Event flyer before the event;
  2. one or two pictures from the event;

  3. a summary of the Torah thought that was shared;

  4. receipt(s) for expenses that exceed the amount granted;

  5. A list of attendees.


Contact Information


Event Information

What event are you planning? What will be the activity? When and where will it take place?