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Vermont Fresh Network Conference Program Application

If you are uncertain about how to answer these questions, please refer to the VFN Conference Program main application page for details. In fact, read that page anyway, regardless of whether you think you have questions. More questions? E-mail 

Important Note: This form doesn't save to work on later - we highly recommend typing your answers to the two main questions into a different program, then cut & pasting the text to avoid frustration. 

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For details on how this will be evaluated, please refer to the application main page. Suggested length ~200 words.

You won’t be required to do exactly what you write here -- we’re looking for your best thoughts now, understanding that they will be refined later. Note that this is a specific project or event. Please read the main application page for details on how this will be evaluated before answering. Length ~300 words.

This is a short statement to help reviewers who may not be familiar with you / your business understand how your work supports the mission of the Vermont Fresh Network.