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We are the only organization active in homeschool policy founded and run by individuals who were homeschooled. We create resources for for homeschool alumni and home educators; work with lawmakers to create better homeschooling laws; and conduct research on homeschooling designed to inform both families and policymakers. At CRHE, we believe that homeschooling can be a positive, child-centered educational option. We also believe that children have rights, and that those rights should be safeguarded. Our unapologetically child-centered approach puts us at odds with homeschooling organizations that adopt a parental-rights extremist framework.

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We use an online office space and video meetings. Most CRHE staff and volunteers operate on a flexible schedule.
At this point in time, how many hours (roughly) can you commit to CRHE?

We highly encourage that you attach your resume or CV here so that we can learn more about your experiences, and determine the most fitting projects for you to work on.