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Shabbat with Hillel 2020

We are nearly at capacity for Shabbat on 9/4. Hosts are welcome to sign up for cooking your own meal but catering is closed at this time. If you’d like to order an individual meal, please place your order here and we will contact you to confirm if we can accommodate your order.

How to Shabbat MEALS:

  •  Sign up to host or attend a meal by Tuesday:
    • If you are hosting, decide if you are cooking or catering from Hillel preferably a week in advance. 
    • If catering, as a host, you are responsible for registering your Shabbat dinner and choosing your personal meal
    • As an attendee, we ask that YOU sign up for YOUR meal using the link and choosing the option “attending a Shabbat meal hosted by someone else” by Tuesday at 5pm 
    • If you are cooking your own meal, reimbursement will occur after you upload the uniqname of each of your attendees as well as your receipts using our reimbursement form
  • Sign up for an individually catered meal by Tuesday at 5pm:
    • If you want to be connected to others virtually, you can select to receive a zoom link
    • If you are a first-year student, you can select to be connected to people in your residence hall area to enjoy Shabbat together 

If you register after Tuesday after 5pm, we cannot guarantee you a meal.

How to Shabbat SERVICES:

  • If you are interested in learning more about how to get connected to Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox services, please check this week's Shabbat email for registration links. 

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NOTE: Due to COVID-19 guidelines, you may not have more than 10 people in your home at a time. This number includes you and your roommates.

Please let us know the name of your host so that we can make sure your meal is with the correct order for pick-up.
Whether you are ordering an individual meal or you are being hosted at a catered meal, YOU must be the one to order your meal below.  If you are hosting or being hosted and getting catering, your meals will all be packaged together for easy pick-up.  Your order must be placed via this form by Tuesday at 5:00 pm. We cannot guarantee you a meal after that time.  PLEASE ONLY ORDER ONE MEAL.

NOTE: In-person gatherings will be weather-dependent and space is limited (check all that apply)
If this is your first time hosting this month, you will also receive our special Giveaway of the Month. September's is an oven mitt!
Meals will be cold and packaged in oven-safe containers for you to prepare at home.

Meals will be hot and delivered to different dorm areas prior to the start of Shabbat. You will receive an email with instructions each week on where and when to grab your meal.
Select a time slot to come pick up your Shabbat hosting bag!
Shabbat Lunch

If you would like to purchase Shabbat lunch for pick-up on Friday afternoon, order ahead of time here.  All Shabbat lunch orders must be submitted by the Thursday of that week and picked up on Friday afternoon. 

Shabbat Lunch and Seudah Shlishit meal is free for freshmen. You will have to pick these meals up at Hillel on Friday from 12pm-3pm. These will be cold meals so you will need refrigeration. Choose which meals you want: Shabbat Lunch Seudah Shlishit Please list any dietary restrictions (vegetarian, gluten free, etc) in the box above for meal ordering.
Hillel's COVID-19 Safety Acknowledgement, Liability Waiver and Release of Claims