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Nonprofit Profile 2024

Ripple Impact NW wants to learn about your organization!  This simple form ...

  • Supports us in inviting nonprofits to participate in Giving Pop-Ups, Volunteer Match-Ups, and other events. 
  • Provides basic information for our discussion with prospective donors.
  • Guides us in requesting more information.  
    • No need to tell us everything here!  
  • Is not an application to a Giving Circle. Those forms have the title of the Circle in their name.
  • Will be considered relevant for 2024 unless you submit a new one.
  • If your nonprofit completed a Volunteer Match-Up Profile for our April event - no need to complete this one!
  • If you completed a Profile in our former system, or applied for a Giving Circle grant in 2022 or 2023, we do have that on file!  
    • You are welcome to update your info by completinng this form as well.  

Please contact us with any questions!

Thank you!

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Tell Us About Your Organization

Name as registered with the IRS/state of incorporation.

Are you the representative authorized to make material decisions on behalf of your organization? To limit duplication of effort and confusion - we ask that a single Profile form be submitted by each organization.

Please provide your LinkedIn, Facebook addresses.

Please indicate your preference for the use of this number below.

Please indicate geographic areas served by your organization.
Please limit to three or four selections - select the cause(s) / population(s) you most directly serve. We respect that language evolves and is adapted in varying ways by different groups. Thank you for your understanding.

If not shown on the above list, please describe here.

Please write 25 - 150 words

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Please describe any planned special projects, new programs, or capitall campaigns anticipated in the next 24 months. 25-150 words
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What was the organization's budget for the most recent calendar year?

Please provide an estimated percentage of your major funding sources (% government, % fee for services, % fundraising). You can also enter any note pertinent to your financial status.

Your Volunteer Program

If you are looking for volunteers, please complete the section below.
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What skills/personal perspectives/professional experience are most helpful for a volunteer or board member to bring to your organization at this time? up to 100 words

List five words volunteers or board members might use to describe their experience working with your organization.

Give a few examples of the types of activities and engagement you are seeking volunteers to do at this time.
For nonprofits seeking volunteers, it is helpful to know if your group is covered by Directors & Officers Insurance, and General Liability Insurance. Please check all that apply.