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Get in on the action! The grant review teams will drive the identification of our future high impact grant recipient. SELECT ONE COMMITTEE ONLY AS YOUR PRIMARY CHOICE.

Focus Area Descriptions

Arts and Culture: Includes projects that foster greater exposure to or participation in the arts, expand arts education, or use art as a medium for creative expression. Priority will be given to programs that target residents in underserved communities that have lacked access to quality arts programs. Chair: Janelle Haskell - Scheduling parameters for meetings: Flexibile with the exception of Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Environment: Includes projects that focus on improving or preserving the natural and built environments, including places that experience a disproportionate amount of pollution as a result of heavy industry, or that lack access to clean air and water, natural resources, and green spaces. Also includes projects that address neighborhood crime and violence. Chair: Jenny Backus -  Scheduling parameters for meetings: breakfast times, evenings, and weekends.

Education: Includes projects that expand or improve learning opportunities for students who lack access to a quality education, including projects focused on providing early childhood education, language and literacy skills training, and tutoring and mentoring, as well as programs providing high school graduation rates and/or enrollment in higher education, especially for populations that have experienced systemic racism or discrimination. Chair: Dorothy Durden - Scheduling parameters: Mondays and Fridays daytime, and all week days after 5:30 PM.

Family: Includes projects that support the lives of individuals, children, families, and seniors, especially but not limited to immigrant communities and people of color who have been the subject of systemic racism, focusing on housing, living wage, food insecurity, job skills training, and other basic needs. Chair: Bonnie Harkness - Scheduling parameters: flexible

Health and Wellness: Includes projects that address access to health care and that seek to improve the physical or mental health of people who experience discrimination, including people of color, the disabled, and incarcerated individuals, as well as projects that foster healthy living habits and holistic wellness. Chair: Vivian Aguayo - Scheduling parameters: weekends

Finance Committee: This committee differs from the other focus area committees. It is the one committee where we are seeking volunteers who have the experience to understand and evaluate nonprofit financial statements.These committee members will interact with all five of the focus area committees to conduct an in-depth financial review of their top-tier applicants. Commitee work will take place primarily in April, following initial FAC deliberations. Chair: Latina Fauconier - Scheduling parameters: evenings and weekends