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Resilience & Repair: building community & deepening the work of ancestral recovery for collective liberation is a new, six-month intensive program for previous participants in White Awake's popular Before We Were White and Roots Deeper than Whiteness courses. The overall intention of the program is to connect a personal, cultural, and collective healing process with the larger process of collective liberation & positive social change.

For more information on the intensive, click here. If you are ready to register, please follow the prompts and fill out the appropriate fields, below.
Registration will be open through the end of the day Saturday, September 30. Late registration runs October 2-7.
  • Sliding scale registration fee: $250-$550
  • No one is turned away for lack of funds. Payment plans available
  • Whole-Group Session Dates: October 1 & 8, December 3, February 4 and April 7 from 4-6:30pm ET (1-3:30pm PT)
  • Live attendance is encouraged but not required. Recordings of whole-group sessions will be available within 2-3 days of each session.
  • Small-group meetings will be scheduled independently by the groups themselves.
  • *Commitment to the small-group process is vital for your and your fellow participants' success with the program.*
  • Whole-group sessions: Zoom video conferencing platform (w/ phone call in option)
  • Small-group communications will be facilitated on White Awake's Mighty Networks platform. Small-groups are responsible for their own virtual conferencing needs.
  • Please plan for a minimum of 10 hours of time for program participation each month.
  • Questions:
  • This training is supported by White Awake Advisory Council Members of Color Betty Burkes, Bonnie Duran, and Katrina Messenger.
Registration Form

While we'll be working behind the scenes to help participants form small groups for the program, you may already be joining with others that you know you want to work with. That's great! You can let us know who these people are when you fill out your "Small-Group Interest" form (that link will be sent with your registration confirmation email.)

Please note that, regardless of whether you are registering alone or with others, each person needs to register independently for the program.

Payment Options

We hope you will pay the full fee if you are able to ($250-$550, at your discretion). If you can pay full price and make an extra donation to White Awake, great! These donations help White Awake fulfill its mission and goalsIf you would like to make a sustaining, monthly donation to White Awake, you can do that here.

Payment plans for this program are available. If you elect to pay in regular installments, place a "0" in the "Registration fee" field below, and use the "Total Amount You Pledge to Pay" box to let us know how much you plan to pay through the payment plan. You cannot use this form to set up a payment plan. A link to a separate form will be included in the registration confirmation email that allows you to set this up. If you would like use a payment plan, please just indicate the total amount you intend to pay through that plan, and then register without paying anything at this time. Ty!

If you cannot pay the full fee, no worries! No one is turned away for lack of funds. If you need a full scholarship, simply enter "0" into the custom field.

Regardless of what you pay, please help us cover our credit card processing fees by clicking the "Add 3%" box at the bottom of this form! Thank you. :)

Please let us know if you would prefer to make your payment in equal weekly or monthly installments. (PAYMENT PLANS ARE SET UP AFTER REGISTRATION; PLEASE SEE EXPLANATION ABOVE.)

If you are opting for a payment plan, that's great! Please use this box to let us know the TOTAL amount you intend to pay.

Contact Information


Zoom Login (for whole-group sessions)

Completing and submitting this form registers you for the series, however in order to attend live meetings you will need to apply for a personal login to the Zoom video meeting we'll use for the training. We apologize for the extra step, but doing this ensures that we have access to online break out rooms (for intimate, small group discussion) and a secure container for our whole-group meetings (by ensuring that only registered participants can join the meeting).

You will receive instructions for how to apply for your personal login to the Zoom meeting for this caucus in your confirmation email for the series.

Ground Rules

Before applying for a personal login, we ask that you read and agree to our program structure and ground rules for participation document. The program structure and ground rules are designed to nurture a supportive, constructive learning environment for everyone who attends.

Read our "Program Structure, Agreements & Ground Rules" document here.

Additional Information

Submit Your Registration

*To submit your registration, you must click "Enter payment information", even if you are not making a payment. If the form is not submitting, scroll up and ensure that all required fields (marked with a red star) are complete. Thanks!