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We'd love it if you could fill out this quick questionnaire to update us on where our international network of alumni and families are now. It warms our hearts to see how and where our community continues to expand, and helps us keep you updated on the unending stream of exciting developments as we continue the legacy of bold, impactful, trailblazing progressive education that started in 1972.


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Oh, the places you have gone!

Wingra recognizes that every story is unique to the individual in the same way that air takes the form of its container. This section is dedicated to collecting the stories of the cherished thousands who have walked Wingra's halls and made it who it is today. We will work to collect those legacies of impact to share with parents seeking to join our community and with the larger Madison community.
Wingra School cultivates life-long learners and advocates, we want to understand how our families pursue a deeper understanding of the world around them. We also want to be able to give prospective families as much information to make a fully informed decision regarding their kid's learning.

Please expand on your response to the question on education. We'd love to know what institution you went to or the ways you continued to understand the world we inhabit and the vibrant communities within it.

Members of the Wingra Family, like you and yours, are the essence of the school. We'd love to know what we have missed over the years, in any amount of detail. What personal and/or professional endeavors have you embarked on? How might have your experiences at Wingra School impacted your life?
A sincere thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to respond and sharing with us the incredible developments you have had and the vibrant community member you have become. Keep us in the loop as your life continues to bloom. Don't be a stranger!