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JLink Presents: Put Your Values to Work with Imani Jackson

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12:30 p.m. Friday, April 16, 2021 on Zoom
Registration: $18 suggested

How does work change when members of the community are your primary stakeholders, your business plan includes investments in youth, and your ultimate goal is to change the way Minnesotans think and come together?

JLink invites you to meet and brainstorm virtually with Imani Jackson, Executive Chef and CEO of Chopped & Served catering! Hear about how Jackson's community-centric values have been baked into her business model and are integral to her work environment, hiring practices, and offerings. Jackson's fusion of food with a community ethic results in a business with a mission; and she has developed this model by inviting individuals and teams from the community to invest in pop-up events, cook offs, and outreach programs to bring healthy, fresh and tasty food to everyone.

Hear Jackson's story and her sources of inspiration, then jump into a small-group discussion. You'll consider your own values and explore potential opportunities to join them with your work (both in the sense of a day job and in other pursuits). Registrants will receive a worksheet to get you thinking ahead of the workshop. JLink is matching each registration to support a C&S pop-up meal for kids in the community!

About the speaker: Imani Jackson grew up St Louis Park and, having worked in service since middle school, learned early that she could—and wanted to—be her own boss. After years of developing culinary techniques and honing her skills, in 2017 Imani’s goal of owning and operating her own catering business became a reality. Chopped & Served grew out of a lofty goal, grit and determination, and a passion for bringing diverse cuisines and flavors to the Twin Cities. Based on her experiences while living in the Twin Cities, traveling internationally and being connected to various multicultural communities, Imani understands how food shapes all our lives; lets us celebrate our stories, our families, our memories; and makes us feel like we belong.

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