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RICARES Volunteer Application Form 2023/24

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at RICARES! If we haven't already, we would love to connect with you to discuss ways that you would like to contribute to our mission and vision. We are open to all ideas! Please reach out to our Executive Director, Sandy Valentine to set up a time to connect. Send Sandy an email at

Personal Information



Availability and Skills

Please select those areas in which you are experienced in.
What days are you available to volunteer with us?
What times are you available to volunteer with us?

Background: Education

RICARES recognizes that education comes in all forms. This section is to share with us your educational history.

This can be any college program, technical training, and formal or informal education.

Enter any certifications you feel are relevant.

Background: What makes you YOU?

Please list the organization, the contact name, a phone number and a brief description of your volunteer responsibilities.

Are you a person in recovery? Do you have a passion because you have a family member in recovery? Are you an ally? Let us know what about RICARES appeals to you and why.

Pre-Volunteerism Statement

I understand and agree that: 1. The information I have provided on this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. Any misrepresentation or omission of any fact in my application, or any other material, or during any interviews, can be justification of refusal of volunteer placement at RICARES. 2. Any offer of volunteer placement I may receive from RICARES is contingent upon my successful completion of the agency's screening process, including the agency's receiving references that it considers unsatisfactory. 3. I authorize and request that present and former volunteer placement contacts I have listed as references furnish information about my volunteer experience, volunteer performance abilities, and other qualities pertinent to my qualifications for being a volunteer with RICARES. 4. In consideration of my becoming a volunteer, I agree to comply with the policies, rules, regulations, and procedures o the agency.

Discrimination Disclaimer

RICARES prohibits discrimination against volunteer applicants on the basis of race, creed, color, religious opinion or affiliation, national origin, political affiliation, sex, age, physical or mental disability sexual orientation, veteran status, recovery pathway, or recovery identity (public or private), in accordance with applicable federal law and copies with applicable state and local laws prohibiting discrimination in each area where it has operations. RICARES also provides reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities in accordance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and applicable state and local laws. Applicants requiring a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in the volunteer interview process are requested to contact our Executive Director, Sandy Valentine, in order to arrange such accommodations. RICARES values diversity and encourages applicants with lived experience to apply.
My selection of the "Yes, I agree" field indicates that I agree to the Pre-Volunteerism Statement. My selection of the "No, I don't agree" field indicates that I do not agree to the Pre-Volunteerism Statement.