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Fighting Fear - Webinar Recording

From the very beginning, God's children have been fighting fear. In the Garden, Adam and Eve hid from their Creator instead of running to Him for help. Fear is one of the greatest weapons in the adversary's arsenal to rob us from enjoying God's presence and hinder us from reflecting God's character. Fears are the arrows that poke holes in our joy balloons! Fears deprive us from reaching our full, God-given potential.

In this one-hour webinar, Chris Coursey will share how fear is one of the most effective shackles that keep God's people stuck. Chris will introduce the two kinds of fear reactions in the brain's control center, one that is relational, the other that is non-relational and faster than our conscious awareness can track. Join this engaging webinar and learn how to disarm fears that fuel unwanted behavior and find God's peace and joy so we are no longer ensnared by these debilitating reactions. 

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