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Event Planning Form 2021/2022

As a group at Michigan Hillel you have the opportunity to plan events and apply for funding. If you haven't already created your event on our Engagement Platform, please do so before filling out this form. Every year Hillel budgets money to distribute to their groups to create awesome, meaningful and engaging events for U-M Jewish students and their friends. If funding is granted, you will be expected to complete an Event Evaluation Form after the program to receive funding.

Note about late forms: If you are submitting this form past the current deadline you WILL NOT receive funding. Please email Yonit Robin ( with any questions or concerns regarding this policy.


First Name
Last Name





if not in a group, write N/A

Number only

Specifically, what will people learn or how will this event create community?
Reserve Space at Hillel
Fill out this section so we know if you need to use space in the Hillel Building.

Choose the room you want to use for your event

Please be detailed with this and include tech needs (i.e. Screen, Projector, Speaker, Microphone) and # of Chairs and # of Tables.
Marketing by Hillel
Fill out this section if you need Hillel's assistance in creating graphics for your event and any marketing needs such as instagram posts, FB posts, etc. Please note that it takes around two weeks to complete a request, so please plan accordingly.
This includes creation of graphics, posting on social media (FB and Instagram), eblasts, and Mich Mash newsletter
Please check all the options for where you'd like us to promote your event. Our marketing team reviews all requests and finds the ideal time in our communications calendar to advertise your events.
Our marketing content designer will work with your group to create unique graphics for your event

Please tell us your ideas for the design of your event's graphics
Funding provided by Hillel
Hillel is dedicated to helping all students and student groups with funding for their events. Please fill out this section to request funding, approved by Hillel Governing Board. NOTE: FOOD POLICY FOR EVENTS NOT CATERED BY HILLEL - We will allot $3 per person for snacks and $7 per person for meals. If you need more funding for a specific reason, please explain below. Ex: If you are purchasing snacks for an event with 10 people, you can request up to $30 for that event(10 people with $3 per person).
A Hillel staff member will reach out to you if you need food from Hillel Cafe
Every event hosted by Hillel has to have a Kosher option that is equivalent to any non-kosher food being served.

Please state your kosher option, your staff advisor can help answer this question.

Example: 3 bags of chips, $3 each= $9 total, 2 bottles of soda, $2 each= $4 total. PLEASE NOTE: You may request to get some items from Hillel if you want (plates, napkins etc). Use the chart below to calculate the cost of those items and make it clear in this space that you are requesting these from Hillel's supply

Cost of Items Hillel Can Provide
Cold Cups $0.16
Hot Cups $0.10
6" plates $.05
9" Plates $0.12
Bowls $0.13
Plastic Forks $0.05
Plastic Knives $0.05
Plastic Spoons $0.05
Napkins (Packs of 50) $1.00
Linen Table Cloths (round) $1.50
Linen Table Cloths (Rectangles) $1.15