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Sustainable, life-giving self-care comes from within. It can’t be bought in a store, sold as a service or packaged in a program. It begins with believing in your own goodness, strength and beauty, just as you are. It expands as you learn to listen and stay engaged with your moment-to-moment experience of body, mind and spirit. Join us for a day of teaching and experiential practices designed to help you connect to and work with your body to discover your unique blueprint for self-care.


If you find yourself so busy with your job, family, community and other activities that you neglect your own needs, you’re not alone. Many women report that self-care often falls to the bottom of the priorities list while responsibilities and social commitments get our best energy.

The human body has built-in barometers to guide our decisions about nourishment, hydration, activity, rest and other self-care choices. These systems continually scan the inner and outer environments to keep us in balance by sending subtle messages when we need to adjust. Learning to listen to and work with your body’s self-regulating instinct will help you better determine how to love yourself and others as your needs change from day-to-day, week-to-week, and one season of life to another.


  • Experiential learning on self-care, embodiment and energy regulation
  • Facilitated small group and community conversations
  • Gentle embodiment and mindfulness practices suitable for all levels of experience
  • Nourishing lunch, snacks and drinks


  • Yoga mat, blanket, pillow for embodiment practices
  • Whatever else will make your retreat optimal for you
  • Personal journal, writing and art supplies as desired

Registration still open - spots available as of Thursday, March 16

Registration will close when all spaces are filled. Scholarships available. Contact us for more information.

Compassionate Community Scholarships

In order to make our programs available to as many women as possible, we invite women with financial constraints to volunteer in partial payment for events. Sometimes we have funds to offer a full scholarship. We don't want anyone to miss out due to finances. So please make your need known. 

Please send your request for scholarship assistance to 

For example: Email invitation; social media; invited by a friend; picked up promo material at _______ (identify location).

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