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2024 Winter and Early Spring Afterschool Registration

Please carefully note dates for each program.  Programs do not meet on Jan. 15 (MLK Day), Feb. 9 (WPS prof. development day), Feb. 19-23 (Feburary break), or March 29 (WPS prof. development day)
** Member Rate is only available for families with 2024 family-level memberships and above.  2023 memberships expire on December 31, 2023 (unless purchased September 1, 2023 or later), so you may have to renew. If you have questions about your current membership status or level, please call our office at 781-893-1162 or email
If you have not received a Land's Sake email confirming your 2024 Membership renewal since 9/1/2023, please renew here by choosing "Not Yet" below. Only 2024 active members are eligible for Member rates.

Student Information

Available Programs

Only select Member rate if your 2024 Membership renewal is complete (see notes above).

Family Information


In the case that you want afterschool communications to be sent to more than one person or address.

If parents/guardians are to be traveling during program sessions, contact information for their destination(s) must be provided.

Health & Safety Information

If participants may require the administration of prescription or over-the-counter medication while at Land's Sake programs, an authorization to administer medication form must be completed by the parent/guardian.

This will help us be informed, in case of emergency.

If yes, please let us know if they had any severe reaction.

We will attempt to contact the primary guardian(s) first unless otherwise instructed.

Release/Pick Up

Program participants will only be released to parents/guardians or people specified below. People must present a photo ID to be able to pick up participants. If there are specific people your child may NOT be released to, please inform Land's Sake staff in writing in advance. To make additions to this list, parents/guardians may send a signed note.

Please provide first and last names, specify relationship to child, and provide phone numbers for each person.

Bicycle, walk, etc.

Program Policies

If a family needs to cancel their registration, they must do so in writing to the Education Manager via, no later than 3 weeks prior to the start of the program. A $25 administrative fee will be charged for all cancellations. The Education Manager reserves the right to dismiss a participant when in their judgment the participant's behavior interferes with the rights of others, the smooth functioning of the group or activity, or violates the program's principles of conduct. In such cases no refunds will be given.
I understand that while participating in Land’s Sake programs there are inherent risks, including but not limited to: exposure to the elements, biological irritants (i.e. poison ivy), insects, fatigue, sore muscles, moving vehicles, livestock, and heavy objects. Every reasonable effort will be made to manage these risks and emphasize safe working habits. I understand and accept these risks and will hold Land’s Sake, Inc. and the Town of Weston harmless for any and all injuries suffered in the course of a Land's Sake program.
The health history I provided is complete to the best of my knowledge. I hereby give permission for Land's Sake staff to provide routine healthcare, administer prescription medication as described, and seek emergency medical treatment. In the case of an emergency, every reasonable effort will be made to contact me. In the event that I cannot be reached, I consent to have the administrators of Land's Sake Summer Programs act on my behalf should an emergency arise, and hereby grant permission to authorize medical attention deemed medically necessary by a physician, nurse, or hospital, for which charges I shall be responsible and agree to pay.
I authorize Land’s Sake to take and use photographs, slides, and audio/visual recordings of my child / ward as may be needed for documentation and/or public relations purposes. I understand that all such materials will be the sole property of Land’s Sake.
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