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Please use this online form to submit and upload either your transcript request document, or your teacher recommendation documents for your student. St. Cecilia collects all of this from parents to then give to the high schools. Using the online form to submit the requests is the only way that the forms are submitted to St. Cecilia to insure that we collect and have copies of all the forms. Please do not send any paper forms to the school.

Most families will need to complete this form below three times - once to submit the Teacher Recommendation Forms for all the schools, and usually twice to submit transcript request forms - one for each school your child will be applying to (based on most students applying to two schools). 

Transcript Request Form Instructions

For transcript request forms, please submit and upload your forms for each school your child is applying to one school at a time. (Example: if your child is applying to both St. Pius X and St. John XXIII, please fill out this form one time for each school with the corresponding transcript request form). 

Teacher Recommendation Forms

The Teacher Recommendation Forms can be filled out allowing for students to request the documents be sent to multiple schools. Please add all schools they are applying to at the top of each form, and submit those forms all at once. St. Cecilia Catholic School will then have the teachers complete the forms, and then send them in batches to the corresponding schools requested. 


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Please click "Choose File" and upload the scanned document.