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Intern Application

Columbus, Ohio

Job Description:

Being an intern at Cornerstone of Hope has many rewards, from the clinical training to the programming experience. The rewards come with a lot of work including but not limited to carrying a case load, facilitating a support group, community outreach, program preparation and participation. Many of our events are outside of regular business hours, meaning evening and weekends. We understand that you have other obligations and that is why not all of our events are mandatory. We have plenty of opportunities to fulfill your required hours; however, our expectation is that even when your hours are complete you are still to fulfill the hours you have designated.


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Prior to the start of your academic semester, interns will be required to attend an orientation and training seminar. This is a requirement for your internship. Dates will be provided during the interview.

Example: I can be here Mondays 12p-8p, Wednesdays 9a-4p, Thursdays 5p-8p, Fridays 9a-4p

We have many different opportunities at Cornerstone for you to be a part of. Here are a list of potential job descriptions. Please choose your top two that you would be interested in leading. This doesn't mean that you will not have to do any of the others but that you will be the lead intern on the one that we select.