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37th Annual Spiritual and Religious Art of Utah

Original artwork must be received at the Springville Museum of Art Wednesday September 27, 2023 - Saturday September 30, 2023 between 10am-5pm. 

  • Artists may submit one or two works of any medium or style. 
  • Artwork must have been completed in the past three years.
  • All works must be original in conception and execution.
  • Artwork must be prepared securely for display and must be prepared with a wire for hanging.
  • Artwork cannot exceed 11ft. on its largest dimension and 2D pieces that hang on the wall cannot exceed 9 feet in height, unless prior approval is received by Museum staff. Artworks exceeding 150 pounds must be approved by SMA curatorial staff in advance. Advance notice must also be given for artworks over 7ft on their largest side. For any exceptions to size requirements please contact SMA staff.
  • Any digital media that is submitted must be accompanied with the necessary hardware and technology to exhibit the work.

Online Entry Forms should be completed before 9:00am on the day you plan to deliver work to SMA. (If you have missed this deadline, still fill out the form, you just might have to wait for us to print it out when you get here)

If you have any questions please contact Kylie Kimball at or 801-491-5705

Contact Information


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Only persons listed here will be allowed to remove work from the museum.
If not, please email now before proceeding with the rest of the form.

First Entry Information

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if work is 3D

(max 100 words) This will be printed on the info label identifying your work.

Second Entry Information

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Insurance Agreement

By submitting the above named artwork(s) to the Springville Museum of Art (SMA) the undersigned warrants that they are the owner of the artwork(s) or are the representative of the owner and have the authority to enter into this agreement. To the extent that the artwork(s) is covered by insurance provided by SMA the undersigned agrees that the insurance coverage available will only be for the “fair market value” of the artwork(s) and compensation for damage will not exceed the fair market value of the artwork(s). Frames and pedestals will not be insured for damage. The undersigned acknowledges that, if the artwork(s) submitted for exhibition to SMA fits within the category of works deemed “high risk,” the artwork(s) will not be insured. In no case whatsoever shall SMA or Springville City be held liable or responsible for any damages to high risk art, as defined below. The undersigned acknowledges that they have read the below high risk art definition.

High Risk Art: (If you are not sure if your work falls in this category, please talk with SMA staff when you submit your piece)
 • Paintings that are still wet or soft beneath the paint skin
 • Any unframed works of art or works of art whose surface extends beyond and in front of the frame
• Works of art with previous condition problems
• Particularly fragile artworks, mixed media, installation, multi-part or assemblage works, glass, ceramic, plaster, exposed paper, etc.
• Poorly prepared pieces and frames (faulty wires, screw eyes, clips, etc.)
• Works of art behind regular silica glass (Pastels may be behind silica glass and be insured. Other works must be behind Plexiglas.)
• Artworks with exposed backs or simple paper backing (To be insured, works of art on canvas must have the back of the stretcher-bar
covered by cardboard, foam core, etc., to protect the canvas.)
• Artwork that requires special handling provisions

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Liability Waiver

SMA and Springville City agree to give the artist’s artwork the same care as SMA provides for its own artwork.   SMA and Springville City shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by any event or circumstance beyond its reasonable control (such as extreme weather conditions, the actions of third parties not employed by SMA or Springville City or any defect in any part of artist’s artwork); this extends to loss or damage to any artwork, sculpture, equipment or other goods left with SMA or Springville City for display or storage purposes, and harm to persons entering the premises and/or using any facilities. 

The undersigned artist agrees to assume all liability for any and all loss or damage caused by the artist, and the artist’s artwork, sculptures or equipment.  The artist expressly waives any and all claims or causes of action that he or she has or may have in the future against SMA and Springville City arising from or in connection with the exhibition that are not covered by SMA or Springville City’s insurance coverage.

The artist acknowledges and agrees that there are risks attached to the handling, security, and care of the artwork(s) exhibited at SMA, and the undersigned artist shall defend, protect, indemnify and hold harmless SMA and Springville City, their respective officers, members, employees, volunteers and agents from and against any and all claims, damages, expenses, injuries, liabilities, and causes of action arising from or in connection with the handling, security, and care of the artist’s artwork(s) by SMA and Springville City that are not covered by SMA or Springville City’s insurance coverage. 

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Media & Copyright Usage Agreement

The undersigned agrees that works submitted may be used for Museum publicity and/or Museum publications. The undersigned grants to the Museum, as of the date written below, a non-exclusive license (the “License”) to reproduce the Work, for the life of its copyright and any renewals or extensions thereof, in any media whether now known or invented after the date hereof (all reproduction, the “Images”), and to display, transmit, publish, distribute, prepare, derivative works of and otherwise use the Images throughout the world as follows:


  1. in educational and promotional materials related to the Museum’s exhibitions and programs (including for example, posters, postcards, teaching materials, web sites, social networks, catalogues, and similar publications, some of which may be offered through Museum’s stores); and
  2. in publicity and informational materials about the Museum’s exhibitions and programs (including, for example, press releases, web sites, social networks, annual reports, promotional flyers, email, posters or films, and membership solicitations)

Artist agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless SMA and Springville City, along with all of SMA and Springville City’s officials, employees, agents and volunteers, from any and all claims, losses, damages, expenses (including, but not limited to, attorney’s fees and expenses) and liabilities arising from any individual, institution, entity or other person claiming full or partial title or copyright to the Artwork.

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Artwork Purchase & Sales Agreement

The undersigned understands that SMA retains a 30% commission on all art sales during the exhibition. If applicable, please coordinate with your gallery and price pieces accordingly. SMA staff will not be able to set or negotiate prices for artists, nor will they be able to change prices on printed labels. Artwork will be sold as is, including any frames, pedestals, or other display supports provided by the artist.

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Artwork Pickup Agreement

The undersigned understands all artwork will be considered on temporary loan to the Springville Museum of Art (SMA) from date of entry, through the duration of the exhibition, until final pickup date listed below, and agrees to pick up all pieces from the Museum within the time frame specified here:

  • Works not accepted: Thursday October 19, 2023 – Saturday October 21, 2023, 10:00am – 5:00pm OR Thursday January 11, 2024 – Saturday January 13, 2024, 10:00am – 5:00pm 
  • Works accepted into the Exhibition: Thursday January 11, 2024 – Saturday January 13, 2024, 10:00am – 5:00pm 

Upon entering the show, the artist or representative acknowledges that any works not picked up by JANUARY 13, 2024 will be subject to a storage fee of $5/day accruing up to $50.00. Artwork picked up between these dates without a prior appointment will be subject to a $5 handling fee. Storage and Handling fees will be waived if arrangements are made in advance with the SMA Curatorial Staff.

 *Any exceptions to these dates must be arranged in advance with SMA Curatorial Staff by emailing After six months, any unclaimed artworks may be divested as SMA sees fit. Only the artist and those listed on the Online Entry Form as “Persons approved to pick up work” may take any art from the Museum.

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Participation in the following demographic questions is optional. Your responses will improve our understanding of artist diversity in our exhibitions. Additionally, these insights will support grant applications and funder reports. Your input is valued and contributes to our mission. The answers you provide will not be used for or affect the jurying process.


By signing below, I agree that I have read and understood the above Agreements. My Electronic Signature of this Agreement shall have the same validity and effect as a signature affixed by hand.