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EVENT - Beautiful Blackbird Book Club

Beautiful Blackbird Book Club

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We're excited to be hosting a virtual book club for youth aged 9 - 13! We are participating in the Beautiful Blackbird Children's Festival with CMCA and will be reading the book Moonflower, by Kace Callender. We'll discuss it during Zoom meetings of Fruit Loops on Wednesdays, October 4th, October 18th, November 8th, and December 6th. Fruit Loops meets from 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm. Please make sure you provide the address where you receive mail so that we can send you a free copy of the book!

Note: registration will close on September 13, 2023.

The recommended age for this program is 9-13 based on the reading level of the book.
Contact Info

Note that we may use any of the info below to contact you, so please only provide emails and phone numbers that are ok to use. 

Also, please double-check the spelling of your email.

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School Info

Group Norms Agreement
  • I agree to be respectful of others in the group
  • I agree to use people’s preferred pronouns/names
  • I agree to be kind & forgiving if someone messes up names/pronouns (Give them a second chance)
  • I will try hard to be aware and considerate of others’ feelings and needs
  • I will maintain appropriate boundaries & conversations
  • I will use appropriate language (as agreed upon by the group)
  • If I feel uncomfortable, I will let a staff member know
    • If I message a staff member, the staff member will give the group a reminder to keep it appropriate
    • If the behavior/language continues, the staff member will pull the individual who is being harmful/hurtful into a breakout room
  • Breakout Rooms:
    • If I need to connect one on one in a safe space, a staff member will do that with me in a breakout room
    • I understand that I will be asked to leave the group if I’m being inappropriate