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2023-2024 Spring Sign-Up Parties

Please use the drop-down menu below to select either student or parent parties. 

To register, check the box of the party you would like to attend, then select the number of tickets you would like to purchase for the sign-up party. 

Some parties have limited spaces available. If a party has a limited number of spots, the remaining number will show below the quantity drop-down menu. A "sold out" note will appear below the drop-down when there are no longer spaces available. After completing this step, you will be taken to a credit card payment page. 

More sign-up parties will be added throughout the year.

No Refund Policy: Please read the no refund policy below before registering for any of the sign-up parties.

There are no refunds for Auction items or sign-up parties. If after registering to attend a signup party, you and/or your guest and/or student cannot attend, the school will provide you with an acknowledgment letter thanking you for your gift to the school for your registration amount. No refunds will be given. No exceptions. By clicking the checkbox below, I acknowledge that I have read and accept the above "No Refund" policy:
Please choose the type of sign-up party you wish to view from the drop-down menu below.

Student Parties

Annnnnd They're 6th Grade!

Annnnnnd they're off to the races, I mean 6th grade! Join us at Speedy's for a little 'graduation' celebration, and let's put the pedal to the metal as we head on up to middle school! Breakfast will be provided along with a drippy takeaway, and the kiddos will spend the rest of the morning racing go-karts, and playing laser tag and arcade games until their hearts' content! They won't want to miss this!

Friday, May 24th, 2024
Speedy's Fast Track, 10-12PM
Unlimited spots for current 5th graders
$50 Per Person
Hosts: Bell, Box, Brewer, Christian, Cook, Czapski, Fitzgerald, Hopper, Lutz, Madrid, Manning, Margonis, Mazzei-Hernandez, Walcik, and Wilson Families

Parent Parties

Burn and Turn

Don your finest smoking jacket, and get your poker face ready for a night of revelry. Enjoy some fine cigars, aged bourbon, and compete in a Texas Hold 'Em Tournament, with the winner taking home a prize. You won't want to miss this epic night!

Friday, April 26, 2024
1225 West 20th St., 6:00-11:00 PM
40 Dad Spots Available
$150 Per Person
Hosts: Mike Broussard, Tony Coveny, Michael Czapski, Stephen Fraga, Bryan Gaige, Jason Hawthorne, Jason Koy, Chris LeGette, Kyle Pickett, and Chris Thornhill
Run for the Mudbugs Derby Day Crawfish Boil

Get ready for the mashup of the year! Bust out your fancy fascinators and seersucker suits if you like, along with your plastic bibs and latex gloves, if you must! It's a Derby Day Crawfish Boil where we will all Run for the Mudbugs while we watch those ponies run for the roses! This is sure to be a fun and memorable parents' night out that you WON'T want to miss!

Saturday, May 4th, 2024
The Sirgo's Home, 5:00 PM
20 Couples Spots
$175 Per Couple
Hosts: Chris & Bri Bitsis, Chris & Sarah Burke, Julie Casper, Brandon & Courtney Janda, Greg & Megan Reinkemeyer, Blake & Stephanie Sirgo, Matt & Katie Soulier, Chad & Elizabeth Stabiler, Matt & Megan Stehling, Josh & Sarah VandenBout

Ex: Jane and John Smith
Margarita Mamas

Calling ALL St. Cecilia Mamas to join us for our annual Mamacitas con Margaritas auction sign up party! There will be music, margaritas, munchies and of course, plenty of fun amongst amigas! Let's live la vida loca!

Friday, May 10th, 2024
Gabrielle Sitomer's Home, 6:30 PM
50 Spots
$75 Per Person
Hosts: Heather Boyle, Anabel King, Cheryl Nealon, Kate Pigneri, Gabrielle Sitomer, Elizabeth Stabiler

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