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Report External Training/Workshop

Use this form to submit external trainings/workshops hours toward annual volunteer requirements.

Freedom Project requires specific training for both new and current volunteers to ensure quality and accountability of our programs.

Professional in-service trainings are offered through Freedom Project to help volunteers meet these requirements. Monthly Anti-Oppression Mass Incarceration Workshops provide the anti-oppression training that we expect volunteers to bring with them into prison and to continue exploring during their time with Freedom Project. Trainings in NVC (both basics and advanced), facilitation skills, and mindfulness will provide opportunities for both new and experienced volunteers.

On-Going Prison Volunteer Requirements

  • Annual and on-going training expectations for current volunteers include:
    • At least 14 hours of professional facilitation, NVC, or mindfulness training
      • Monthly Freedom Project community workshops will provide opportunities to meet this requirement; additionally, workshops inside prison count toward this requirement if you are not participating in a facilitation capacity
    • At least 6 hours of anti-oppression training
      • Can be satisfied through Freedom Project’s Anti-Oppression Mass Incarceration training; other trainings and events may qualify with approval of Freedom Project staff

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