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2022 Open Farm Week Registration

Thank you for your interest in Open Farm Week 2022! 

This year, Open Farm Week is August 7th - 14th. If you haven't yet done so, please take a minute to read details on farm participation posted online here.

Please note: This form does not save! We recommend writing event descriptions and farm descriptions in a separate document first and completing the full form when you have time to finish it all the way through! 

The deadline for all registrations is July 1st; the deadline for any updates to your events is July 9th. This is a true deadline - by that time we will have started ads, press work, and other outreach! 

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For Example: The Smith family has been operating a diversified vegetable farm in the Upper Valley for three generations, they provide fresh vegetables to their local community through a farm stand that's open June - October, and in the winter they sell their preserved vegetables at the Ryegate Farmers Market. Their specialty is growing (and canning) 15 varieties of heirloom beets. They have been organic certified since 2005.
Farm Groups

If you are applying as a group of farms (neighboring or themed) list the other farms below. Note - groups of farms are required to coordinate and market their events together. Please wait to submit your registration until you have these details worked out. If you have any questions or need some suggestions about this, please contact The deadline to apply for the group rate is June 15th.

For neighboring farms, your theme can be your location (e.g. "West Newbury Farm Tour").
Event Descriptions

We try to keep event descriptions a similar length and tone for consistency across Open Farm Week, and might do light editing for this purpose. An example of a standard description would be:

Come to the Smith Sisters Farm for a tour of their newly constructed goat milking parlor - participants will have an opportunity to meet the goats, see how the daily milking is done, learn about cheesemaking, and sample the cheese! There will be plenty of time following the tour to shop at the farm store, and Jenny Smith will be onhand to sign her recently published "Kids Love Kids" goat picture book. The tour will be both inside and outside - dress appropriately for the weather, it is a rain or shine event! This event is great for children. This event is not great for dogs, however, so please leave canine members of the family at home (the goats thank you for your understanding). 

If you want to add in more of your own voice, we recommend a quote.

"This is the best goat cheese in New England and our baby goats are much cuter than the ones in New Hampshire - much, much cuter," says Jenny Smith. Find out for yourself on the goat tour. 

If you do not yet know the details of your event, please enter what you do know, and we will be in touch to get additional details. The deadline for final details is July 15th. 

This is what will appear on the website and in outreach materials!

Details include link to ticket site, or other instructions to register, and deadline.

This is what will appear on the website and in outreach materials!

Details include link to ticket site, or other instructions to register, and deadline.

This is what will appear on the website and in outreach materials!

Details include link to ticket site, or other instructions to register, and deadline.

This is what will appear on the website and in outreach materials!

Details include link to ticket site, or other instructions to register, and deadline.

Marketing & Promotion

We will be providing marketing materials to help promote your event, and asking a few questions about your own marketing so that we can do a better job sharing your event through our networks! Look for a follow up email with more marketing questions after we have processed your registration.

Please note: While much of our outreach is digital, we do have printed items, and we send out press releases and other non-changeable materials. For this reason we ask that all of your information be complete no later than July 15th! Thank you for helping us represent your farm and event accurately and enthusiastically.

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Farm Safety & Risk Management

The safety of your guests is paramount. Please review the following statements and verify if they are true. If you would like additional information about safety and risk management, managing liability, please visit:

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Vermont Open Farm Week organizers from any and all claims, liabilities, demands, suits, causes of actions or proceedings of any kind or nature, losses or damages including attorneys’ fees and costs of defense, which the indemnified parties may incur arising out of the negligence, error, omission, intentional acts, or other cause arising out of or resulting from the participation in Vermont Open Farm Week activities.
Technical Assistance

Every farm that registers for Open Farm Week will receive resource materials that provide more information on hosting successful farm events. 

For farms that want more direct assistance, Vera Simon-Nobes of the Farm-Based Education Network and Lisa Chase of UVM Extension can help you develop an event that's right for your farm and community, along with a timeline, marketing plan, and safety plan. Tara Pereira and the staff at the Vermont Fresh Network can help with marketing and any outreach questions that you may have. There is no additional charge for this technical assistance, but assistance is limited and may not be available to all that request it. Technical assistance looks different for every farm. It can be anything from a 15 minute phone call about event marketing or an email conversation about social media promotion to an on-site visit for help to develop a safety plan and to discuss ideas for an event. It's really up to you and it ranges from farm to farm.
Our team is always available to answer questions, please email
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Registration Fee:

Payment Information:

To effectively plan and produce Open Farm Week, a group of eight Vermont food system organizations collectively known as the Vermont Open Farm Week committee starts planning 10 months prior to the event. We’ve calculated the true cost of organizing Open Farm Week at over $400 per farm. This includes coordination and planning of the week long event, registration management and outreach, DigInVT website promotion, paid digital and radio advertising, print advertising, marketing materials and promotional resources for each farms, technical assistance for on farm events, PR and media coverage, postcard distribution at over 75 events leading up to August, poster distribution across Vermont, out-of-state and in-state marketing, and promotion through the many communication channels of the DigInVT committee organizations.

The recommended fee for participation is $50/farm, however this year, we are offering a range of registration fees in an effort to make Open Farm Week accessible to all farms. Please pay what you can. If you choose to pay more, you’re helping to pay for farms that pay less...

We encourage you to pay what you can!

Please click this check box if you will be paying with a check. Mail payment to: Vermont Fresh Network P.O. Box 795 Richmond, VT 05477. Please include a note referencing Vermont Open Farm Week registration.

Vermont Open Farm Week is made possible by the generous support of the Open Farm Week Committee and Media Sponsor, Front Porch Forum


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