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DigInVT publishes events that:

  • Celebrate and promote Vermont food and farms - the local connection can come through the featured ingredient, demonstration of techniques for cooking local food, education about Vermont food, being hosted on a Vermont farm . . . there needs to be a Vermont farm & food connection (so, "the wines of Italy", even if consumed in Vermont, are not considered a Vermont food event - "the wines of Vermont" or "the wines of Italy paired with Vermont maple desserts", on the other hand, would qualify). 

  • Are of interest / relevance to consumers - agricultural topics like "accounting software for small farms" are important, but not for this calendar. Professional-meets-general interest topics like "cheesemaking for fun and occasional profit" are relevant, please submit them.  

You do not have to have a DigInVT place listing to list an event. However, if you are a restaurant without a DigInVT listing, we do ask that the event be farmer-led to fit with our site's local agriculture theme. 

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