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Join Our Youth Green Team!


Friends of Grand Rapids Parks is hiring for its youth Green Team, which is entering its fourth summer! The team is made up of youth ages 14-24 who live within Grand Rapids, with preference given to residents of the Garfield Park, Burton Heights, Roosevelt Park, and Southtown areas.

The Green Team focuses on the care and maintenance of young trees that Friends has planted in the Garfield, Burton Heights, Roosevelt Park, and Southtown areas within the past two years.

If you are interested in working outside in the fresh air this summer and exploring green careers (think forestry, landscaping, tree maintenance, civil and environmental engineering, and agriculture!) then this opportunity is for you!

Contact Information

Getting To Know You

Physical Labor Assessment

To be considered for this position there will be an in-person physical labor assessment. We will be observing your work style and attitude, ability to follow instructions, comfortability in the outdoors, and ability to follow the process to care for trees.

You will be provided instructions and a demonstration, and then asked to:

1. Have a short in-person interview with the Urban Forest team

2. Fill 3 buckets (up to 50lbs) of water using fire hydrant connector

3. Carry buckets over to designated tree to water

4. Properly mulch a tree

This is required for consideration.


Please provide the name and contact information for 2 references. One may be a community organization you're working with, the other may be a close relative, co-worker or mentor.

Thank you for applying to our summer youth Green Team!


Friends of Grand Rapids Parks plants over 750 trees each year. As we look to holistically care for these trees, we need help watering these newly planted trees in the summer months to give them the best chance to survive in an urban environment.

The Green Team Crew is a part of Friends of Grand Rapids Parks seasonal team that assists with the watering and basic maintenance of trees planted by our organization. This team will work together using the necessary equipment to water individual trees and complete basic tree maintenance on a weekly 

At Will Employment: 

All employment with Friends of Grand Rapids Park is voluntary and is subject to termination by both Parties at will, with or without cause, and with or without notice, at any time. Nothing in this agreement shall be interpreted to be in conflict with or to eliminate or modify in any way the employment-at-will status of Friends of Grand Rapids Parks employees.