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Portland Explorers Summer Camp

Welcome to Portland Explorers

Thank you for your interest in the Portland Explorers summer camp! This is a one-week camp for students ages 9-12 focusing on Portland History at five historic sites: Victoria Mansion, Maine Historical Society, Greater Portland Landmarks/Portland Observatory, the Fifth Maine Museum, and Osher Map Library. This year's camp runs from August 7-11, 2023.

Please provide names and contact information for both the participant and at least one primary caregiver. Up to two caregivers may be included in this form, and additional contact information can be provided in the follow-up email that will be sent to all caregivers upon registration.

Questions about Portland Explorers? Please contact Staci Hanscom, Director of Education & Public Programs at Victoria Mansion, at or (207) 772-4841 ext. 104.


Member fee is for members of ANY of the partner organizations: Victoria Mansion, Maine Historical Society, Greater Portland Landmarks/Portland Observatory, Fifth Maine Museum, Osher Map Library. You do not need to be a member of all organizations to receive the member rate, just one.

Contact Information

If student has an email, please provide it here. Participants will receive Portland Explorers information only. Caregivers will also receive all Portland Explorers information and updates at their own email address (see box below).

Caregivers will receive all updates relating to the Portland Explorers summer camp at the email provided. Emails are collected for Portland Explorers communication purposes only and will not be shared/distributed or added to non-Portland Explorers related mailing lists.

Please provide the best phone number at which caregiver can be reached.

This field may also be used for the primary caregiver to include a second phone number (e.g., a work phone number).
Registration Confirmation

An email will be sent to the caregiver(s) email(s) provided in the form above for follow-up information. This will be where caregivers can provide additional information regarding their participating student (allergies, etc.).

For questions regarding registration, please contact Victoria Mansion's Director of Education & Public Programs, Staci Hanscom, at or (207) 772-4841 ext. 104.